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Agent Banking

Agent Banking is a banking unit dedicated to Western Union® agents offering a variety of banking services such as settlement accounts with or without overdraft facilities, loans, deposits, mid-term financing and much more. In addition, Agent Banking helps to optimize settlement transactions and supports the growth of your business.

Western Union International Bank’s high level of expertise and know-how identifies and addresses agents’ business needs. Products are geared to help agents run their businesses effectively and to improve cash flows and earnings. Our ultimate goal is to support you in delivering high quality services to your customers.

Agent Benefits

  • New revenue potential
  • Cross-selling opportunity
  • Value-added service for customers
  • Strong, global brand recognition
  • Enhanced customer relationship

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Agent Banking products

Settlement Account

It offers Western Union® agents across the world a basic current account specifically used for daily settlement between Western Union® and our agent. The account features SWIFT, standing orders, overdrafts and direct debits.


On Demand Loan

It is a short-term loan to meet temporary funding requirements. We offer short-term loans to meet working capital requirements in peak seasons of the money transfer business. This is an advance for fixed periods, where interest payments and principal repayments are made at the end of each advance.

Term Loan

We offer term loans to meet medium (up to 3 years) to long-term (up to 5 years) funding requirements for Western Union® business growth or agent expansion plans. This is an advance granted by Western Union Bank for a fixed term of more than one year. It is a non-revolving facility with a pre-determined expiry date.

Fixed Term Deposit

With a fixed term deposit, you can account for your excess cash with interest rates linked to a money market. This deposit can be linked to your current account and offers favorable interest rates for excess liquidity. Deposited amounts can also be used as collateral for day-to-day business operations with Western Union®.

Correspondent Banking

This is a privileged and first-class banking relationship for banks offering the Western Union® service. Benefits include, interbank payment transactions, interbank money market placements, and money market deals in main currencies.